Qistina Arlya
Date : Monday, June 11, 2012
Time : 9:04 AM
Title : Why my life like this ? :'(

Well hello and Assalamualaikum :) Yeah , it's me again . I wonder why my life like this . Even worse before this . I felt want to die or feel like something is going so wrong . Like I mean , my friends don't want to friend to me anymore . Maybe , it's test from Allah *for muslims . Then , my school is even worst . Hahaha , yeah nothing . It just like the time is sooooooooooo short . UPSR is coming mayne and I was so not ready yet . I think I'm gonna study hard and skip for the others . For anyone who is readin' this I'm so sorry about that yeah . I'm sucha girl who is sucks . I don't mean to hurt anyone feelings but , I don't do anything at all . Maybe , I'm so sucks to anyone who hates me before this . Yeah , I know my behaviour . Then , the second . Now , I'm not in the mood internet-ing right now . I don't know why because everyday I have the mood to online facebook , twitter , blog or anything . Maybe , I need to study hard . Internet is not good for me this year . I need to studyyyyyyy ! My teacher always said that internet are good for reference for studies . Homeworks are needed to be finished . But , me ? Yeah , it's fact that me cannot finish homework by one day because of ? Yeah , teacher don't now how my time left now . I need to tuition , training , praying and that I needed to do . It's important ! Well , yeah . Still remember the 2 weeks holidays ? It's not fair for year six . Have a motivation , additional class and other things that year six must do . Yeah , I know I'm sucha childish you know . The two weeks holidays are full of my training and my internet-ing are so even lower and lower . It's hard for me live in this world babeh -.- But I'm still be grateful to Allah *for muslims . I'll hope this day will be the most good day then yesterday . Well , know it's 12 babe . See you soon guys ! xoxo Qistina ♥

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